Financial Planning

Comprehensive financial planning should start as soon as possible, because the younger you begin, the more compounding returns can work in your favor. Financial planning begins with your goals and objectives. Are you saving to buy a house? Get married? Pay for college for your kids? Retire early? If you’re like most people, you have multiple goals, and your goals change through time. After we create the written plan, we review it with you at least yearly to assess the results, and adjust for the future.

Financial Planning for Retirement

The financial planning work we do as retirement advisors helps protect you against the many risks you may face as you get older, such as losing a spouse or becoming incapacitated, as well as spelling out your income sources up to and beyond age 100. Most retirees fear running out of money in retirement more than they fear dying. People who work with us are often surprised that it doesn’t take 10 or 12x their income to retire, if you work with retirement planners who help shield you from risks.

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