Income Planning Is Critical to Cash Flow in Retirement

When you stop working, you are suddenly confronted by the reality of living without a paycheck anymore. What happens to almost everyone—no matter how much money you have amassed—is that that you become fearful about running out of money. That’s why income planning is so important in retirement, because you will be able to see how much money you have every month, and where that income will come from.

Goal: Income That Lasts

We help build real-life, sustainable income plans for our clients that take all factors into account. And we continually update and monitor these plans throughout our clients’ retirement years. Anchored by our Defensive Private Wealth Management program, we build tailor-made income plans to help our clients sleep well at night throughout their retirement because they will know how much income they have to live on every year before they decide to retire.


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5 Year Increments 3:47

The reality in retirement is that the first five to fifteen years will be your most active years in terms of your energy and health. We call these your “go-go” years, and we recommend you create a bucket list of things you want to do at the beginning of your retirement. The “slow-go” and “no-go” years are not as active, so we will weight your income for bucket list items toward the beginning, and health care expenses for later.

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When it comes to filing for Social Security, you should consider your health and many other factors, because it really only takes about five years to recoup what you have put in. Married couples or people married in the past for 10+ years have many filing options. Legislation passed in 1983 allowed Social Security income to be taxed, so we look at Roth conversions and other strategies to help minimize taxes while maximizing your overall retirement income.