Managing Risk: Risk Management Strategies in Retirement

In addition to market risk, there are numerous other risks that can wreak havoc with the best-laid retirement plans—health problems, loss of income from the loss of a spouse, inflation, taxes, investment losses, and more. Our job is to help you identify these risks and discuss ways to mitigate them. Answers can include various types of the right kind of insurance, properly structuring ownership of your assets for maximum protection, maximizing retirement income, proper tax planning, and defending your assets with our Defensive Private Wealth Management program.

Tactical Asset Management

Market risk is what caused so many retirees to lose their retirement in the recession of 2008, and we use a tactical asset management approach when it comes to wealth management in retirement. We believe in tactical approach to risk and we have money managers who utilize algorithms to monitor markets and take pre-planned actions based on specific market dynamics, all with the goal of protecting and growing your hard-earned retirement nest egg. Tactical Asset Management is an important part of how we manage market risk by moving assets quickly during volatile, unsafe market conditions.


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Of course we carefully determine your tolerance for market risk as part of our overall planning. But there are more risks than market risk. Managing risks in retirement demands specific risk management strategies to cover things like longevity—the “multiplier” of all risks in retirement. Living longer is the reason for the retiree’s number one fear (an even bigger than dying)—running out of money in retirement. That’s why our retirement plans are developed to take you well past age 100, and cover things like health care costs, long-term care costs, taxation, financial estate planning and much more.