Our Wealth Management Approach: Defensive Private Wealth Management

We reject many of the popular notions in wealth management, such as timing the market, following the hot asset classes, buying and holding mutual funds, chasing individual stocks and bonds and “buy and hold.” Our strategy is designed to be consistent, steady, and repeatable. We use private asset managers that employ active asset management strategies with a history of aiming for low-risk with low volatility and striving to provide excellent returns.

At Asset Protect One Wealth Management, We Want You to Understand Your Investments

At Asset Protect One Wealth Management, we spend quality time with you going over the building blocks to help you understand defensive investing and regularly update you on your investing results. We’re here to demystify investing and help make sure you know everything you need to know. In retirement in particular, a defensive approach to wealth management just makes sense. It takes years to recover from a market loss, years that in retirement, you can no longer afford to wait.


WATCH: The Pitfalls of Average Returns with

Ray Stein and John Goodhue 2:41

Compare two accounts, both with an average 5% return. At Asset Protect One Wealth Management, we want everyone to know that when you put dollars to math to calculate your real rate of return, things can look much different than “5% average return.” In our example, $100,000 invested in account “A” netted $115,752.50, but only $109,200 in account “B,” due to volatility through the years. Math matters, let’s talk.

WATCH: How to Protect Yourself from Another 2008 with Brian Gray

(Appearance on Retirement News Online) 3:07

The recession we experienced in 2008 was the worst we had experienced since the Great Depression, and housing, stocks, bonds, gold—nearly all investments—were losing money. This hit retirees hard. Both stocks and bonds carry risk, and when you’re 50+, you don’t have the timeframe to wait out a market downturn. That’s what we mean by defensive private wealth management. We advise our clients to create income with some of your assets so your whole portfolio is not reliant on markets.

WATCH: Roger Ibbotson Interview with John Goodhue and Brian Gray 13:15

Fixed indexed annuities (FIAs) directly address the number one fear of retirees, which is the fear of running out of money in retirement. Bonds are not necessarily safe! Roger G. Ibbotson, Professor in the Practice Emeritus of Finance at Yale School of Management, chairman and CIO of Zebra Capital Management, LLC, an equity investment and hedge fund manager and founder, advisor and former chairman of Ibbotson Associates, now a Morningstar Company, discussed FIAs with John and Brian.