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Through personal experience guiding both clients and family through retirement, we have learned that many pitfalls can cause tremendous pain and regret in retirement, but also many opportunities that can lead to a fulfilling life. Our core belief is that you must live life NOW while you have your health… once it’s gone, it’s gone! Goodbye to traveling the world, hiking, taking the grand-kids to Disney; the list goes on and on. How do you maximize cash flow during your healthy years? The Smiling Through Retirement Process ™ was created to help those facing the many decisions in retirement develop a clear path to avoid the pitfalls of running out of money and live life to its fullest. Our process is designed to guide you and your family by answering these main concerns in retirement:

  • The Market is unpredictable and risky – How do I protect my life savings?
  • I don’t want to run out of money – How do I maximize my cash flow and income?
  • What do I do about healthcare including Medicare and Long-Term Care for myself and my spouse?
  • Taxes have a high probability of going up over the next 10-30 years – How can I become more tax efficient?
  • How will my family values and wealth be passed on the exact way I want them to?



Dan Ahmad

John Goodhue

John is a nationally recognized Financial Educator, Speaker, and Author, whom you may have seen as a guest many times on financial shows such as CNBC’s Squawk Box and Power Lunch. You may have also heard him as the premier financial guest on KHOW 630AM’s daily show, The Troubleshooter with Tom Martino. Goodhue has recently Co-authored his second book on advanced strategies to reduce income taxes and eliminate estate taxes. He is the creator of the Smiling Through Retirement™ Process and has been interviewed by Kevin Harrington, original Shark on the multi EMMY® Award-winning TV series, Shark Tank, and by James Malinchak, featured on ABC TV’s Hit Series, Secret Millionaire. They also interviewed such notables as country music star Martina McBride and renowned economist Roger Ibbotson.

He has conducted over 400 presentations across the country on topics including Zero Tax Planning, Baby Boomer Retirement, The New World of Defined Benefit Plans, and Tax Smart Retirement Planning. Thousands of CPAs, attorneys and financial professionals and others have benefited from his instruction. His published articles include How Strong Are Your Financial Pillars and 5 Ways to Lower Stress & Anxiety in Retirement which have appeared in Fortune, Forbes, and CNNMoney, among others.

John advises wealthy individuals and families from coast to coast. His counsel and assistance has saved them millions in estate and income taxes. A Summa Cum Laude graduate of Eastern Kentucky University and the University of Kentucky College of Law, John and his wife, Mary, live in Denver with their eight children and grandchildren.

John has a passion for helping people think about their wealth from a new perspective… showing them how they may leave a legacy with not just their money, but also of their values and significant influence in their community.

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