When Searching for a Retirement Advisor or Fiduciary Advisor, Look No Further Than APO Financial Inc.

APO Financial Inc. was formed by John Goodhue and Brian Gray in 2008, after each of them separately watched their parents experience negative financial consequences in retirement as a result of the recession. Both John and Brian are driven to help protect and educate pre-retirees and retirees about the retirement risks they face. Ray Stein joined the firm almost five years ago, and is a big asset to us.

The entire team of people at APO Financial Inc. works hard every day to bring our clients the latest financial precepts and cutting-edge retirement planning concepts and methodology. Our goal is to help each retiree feel secure and happy knowing that their retirement plan has been designed to protect them using our Defensive Private Wealth Management techniques.

What Is a Fiduciary Advisor? What Is a Retirement Advisor?

A fiduciary advisor is legally obligated to give you advice which is in your best interest at all times, even if neither they nor their firm profits in any way. You come first, and that’s the way we like it at APO. Additionally, a fiduciary advisor has to do their background research and give you the “why” or explanation behind the recommendations they give to you.

A retirement advisor specializes in the time of life involved with distribution rather than accumulation of assets. A very young person might be advised to “buy and hold” and wait through a stock market downturn. A person in retirement needs every dollar, and market volatility and “sequence of returns” risk can wipe out their money like we saw in 2008. Retirement requires a completely different approach.