Are You Nurturing Your Relationships

Social networks have been on everyone’s mind lately, from Facebook’s falling stock price to debates about whether the internet is too isolating. If you’ve been thinking about your own social networks, you’re probably asking yourself a few common questions. Who do I really connect with? How do I stay part of other people’s lives, and have them stay in mine? What’s the difference between a casual friendship, and a really meaningful one?

In retirement, social networks are more important than ever. After all, this is when you’re going to have more time to invest in friendships both old and new. We all need networks of family, friends, and community. Whether that’s a band, a religious group, or some old golf buddies, retirement should let you make time for the people who really matter and the things that really make you happy.

But that isn’t easy. It can be hard to really set yourself up for a retirement full of friends, connections, and fun. Why? Because leading up to retirement, many of us are so focused on work that we don’t leave enough space to nurture those relationships. We tend to isolate ourselves even further by throwing ourselves deeper into work over concerns about not having enough money to last for retirement. And unfortunately, all of that extra work – and the stress that comes with it – can take a toll on your social relationships. You might find yourself saying “no” to those get-togethers with your pals just to finish up that one big project. At some point when you keep saying “no” too many times, people stop asking, and that’s something you don’t want to happen right when you need them the most.

So, what can you do to strike a healthier work-life balance? One thing you can do to alleviate some pressure is make sure you have a solid retirement plan in place, and it starts by clicking here to set up your complimentary, no obligation financial review. During our meeting we’ll assess your current financial situation and discuss how we can create a strategy to help you reach your financial and lifestyle goals. Simply understanding if you’re on track for retirement may give you the confidence you need to feel free to accept those invitations for those get-togethers.

Our goal is to help bring organization and clarity to the complexities of retirement planning, so you can start enjoying time nurturing your relationships instead of spending all night puzzling over finances. Getting prepared for retirement is serious business, but it shouldn’t come at the expense of your social network. We’re here to help so you can get back to what really matters: friends, family, community, and fun.

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