We reject many of the popular notions in wealth management, such as timing the market, following the hot asset classes, buying and holding mutual funds, chasing individual stocks and bonds, and “buy and hold.” Our strategy is designed to be consistent, steady, and repeatable. We use private asset managers that employ active asset management strategies with a history of aiming for low-risk with low volatility and striving to provide excellent returns.

At APO Financial, we spend quality time with you going over the building blocks to help you understand defensive investing and regularly update you on your investing results. We’re here to demystify investing and help make sure you know everything you need to know. In retirement, in particular, a defensive approach to wealth management just makes sense. It takes years to recover from a market loss, years that in retirement, you can no longer afford to wait.

Our goal is to create income that lasts. We help build real-life, sustainable income plans for our clients that take all factors into account. And we continually update and monitor these plans throughout our clients’ retirement years. Anchored by our Defensive Private Wealth Management program, we build tailor-made income plans to help our clients sleep well at night throughout their retirement because they will know how much income they have to live on every year before they decide to retire.