APO Financial: How We Got Our Start

John Goodhue is originally from Kentucky, but has been in Colorado 20+ years. A lawyer by training, his entire career has been spent in the financial industry, but his decision to co-found APO Financial was personal. His mother had been a stay-at-home mom, his father had been a truck driver; they retired with his pension plan and Social Security. Unfortunately the pension had zero survivorship, so when his dad died at 69, his mom was left with nothing but one Social Security check. Without his and his brother’s financial assistance, she would have been forced into near-poverty.

Brian Gray jokes that he moved to Denver from the South, too—Southern California that is. He’s lived in Colorado for 14+ years. Brian’s father retired at 55 in 1999. He had worked hard and saved up a lot of money, and felt confident he could live on that in the seven years before he qualified for Social Security. Then technology stocks plummeted in 2001, and while he was still withdrawing 4%, his savings quickly went backwards. He was forced to go back to work, and then retired again in 2007—and got hit a year later by the biggest recession since the Great Depression.

That’s why—and when—John and Brian started Asset Protect One Wealth Management in 2008. They are fueled by their personal passion to help others with retirement and help protect people from retirement risks