Smiling Through Retirement

The Importance of Living Your Life in Five Year Increments

Smiling Through Retirement


In Brian Gray and Ray Stein’s latest book, they talk about their process for retirement and how to focus on living your life in five-year increments. Some people, when they start to age, become unable to enjoy all of the money that they spent their life saving. Brian and Ray want to help their readers avoid looking back with regret by giving them a path to enjoying their retirement and completing their bucket list items.

This path includes planning for items like healthcare expenses, tax efficiency, running out of money, and minimizing risk. The goal of Smiling Through Retirement is to help you feel confident in your plan and excited for your retirement.

Click below to get your free copy of Smiling Through Retirement today to start living your life in five-year increments and learn more about:

  • Social Security Income
  • Guaranteed Income
  • The True Meaning of Returns
  • Charitable Planning
  • Financial Estate Planning
  • Market Cycles
  • And more!

Reading this book will give you the tools that you need to complete your bucket list – before it’s too late. You’ll learn the aspects of retirement planning, the market, and how to live your life in five-year increments.

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