Smiling Through Retirement:

The Importance of Living Your Life in Five Year Increments provides you with the key steps to create an abundant retirement plan.

Have you ever made a financial decision that you regretted? If you said, “yes,” then you’re not alone.

Time and time again, as advisors we see many critical facts that are missing in the retirement planning process. Including accurate information and the misinterpretation of financial and retirement advice, which comes to us in a variety of media forms. Newspapers, internet, magazines, television, current advisors and ultimately, our family and friends. So how do you decide what is the best retirement plan for you?

Our goal in writing this book is to give you all of the critical facts, identify the most common types of misinformation and provide you with options you may never have known existed. This way you can make more informed decisions in your financial life to help lower your stress and anxiety during your retirement years. After all, if you know the facts before making vital retirement planning decisions, it’s less likely that you will make costly mistakes that impact your retirement years.

If you’ve ever made a financial decision in your life that you regretted, then you’ll want to find out as much as possible about the retirement planning process. After all, you have one chance to get retirement right and having a plan that addresses these issues upfront can help you with the retirement plan you desire.

What’s Living Your Life in Five Year Increments All About?

  • The planning process – your road map
  • The importance of working with the right advisor
  • Income planning – don’t let hope be your retirement plan
  • Front loading your expenses and spending

Protecting Your Retirement Assets

  • Why a Buy and Hold strategy could harm you
  • Key decisions for Social Security and Medicare benefits
  • Avoiding large portfolio losses to stay on track
  • How average returns can be misleading

Your Life Print for You and Future Generations

  • The importance of when to retire
  • Impact of taxes in retirement
  • Charitable and philanthropic planning
  • Is your children’s retirement plan your death?

What People Are Saying

“Smiling Through Retirement: The Importance of Living Your Life in Five Year Increments is a must read! The book combines simple yet concise, easy to read chapters explaining the key steps to retirement planning. It is the first book I know of that explains retirement planning as it should be – based on increased spending and fun in our early years while creating a solid plan to take care of our later years.”


Drew Horter, CFP, CEO Horter Investment Management

“If you want to understand the importance of planning for your retirement or you are already retired you must read Smiling Through Retirement.” It is simple, engaging, thought provoking and will put you on the right path to enjoy your retirement to the fullest. Do not let the little things that most people don’t see have an effect in the five key areas of retirement planning that you will learn. Want to have the retirement you desire? This book is a must read.”


– Eric Scott, 2015 Advisor of the Year – Retirement Advisor Magazine

Meet The Authors


Brian Gray and Ray Stein are fiduciary advisors with APO Wealth Management in Colorado. They created the Smiling Through Retirement Process™ out of a passion to help people plan their retirement with a focus on living it as they dreamed it. They are nationally recognized financial educators, authors, speakers, radio hosts and retirement planners, whom you may have seen on NBC, ABC, CBS, and FOX network affiliates, as well as Bloomberg Business, Yahoo Finance, Investing Daily, Wall Street Select, MarketWatch, and others.